Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If I had a million dollars....

I would buy a jacket for my new phone!!!

that's right, this cute little thing is now all mine... and not only does it slide out to the side revealing a keyboard, it also slides the other way!!!

I have the red version =]
an interesting fact to note is that all of the guys who have seen the phone call it pink, and all the women who have seen it call it red... I looked online to solve this delema and it turns out it is "rasberry"
It's a samsung exclaim and it is spectacular =] I am in love
me and my mom also stopped by godiva on our way out and each got a free piece of chocolate.
There is a special godiva rewards club going on and for a full year if you sighn up you get a free piece {AWESOME!}

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  1. Nice phone- I can't believe it slides both ways. I will have to see it next time I am there.